Chinese Science Parks

I worked with Peter Dickenson on an ESRC project funded project looking at knowledge transfer and networks between knowledge workers in the Zhonnguancun park in Beiging, China’s largest Science park. Three journal papers were published and a book chapter highlighting different aspects of knowledge worker networks, the establishment of communities practice and the importance of the region for knowledge flows. Get in touch if you would like copies of  the papers:

  • Ramirez, M., Li, X and Chen, W. (2013), Comparing the Impact of Intra- and Inter-regional Labour Mobility on Problem-solving in a Chinese Science Park.Regional Studies”. Vol. 47, Issue No 10, 1734-1751.
  • Ramirez, M. and Dickenson, P. (2010), Gatekeepers, Knowledge Brokers and Inter-firm Knowledge Transfer in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Science Park, “International Journal of Innovation Management’, Vol 14 No.1.
  • Ramirez, M. and Li, X. (2009), Learning and sharing in a Chinese high-technology cluster: a study of inter-firm and intra-firm knowledge flows between R&D employees, “New Technology, Work and Employment” 24:3, 277-296.