Blog: Confronting Covid-19 meeting sustainable development goals proposal implementing mision de sabios report Colombia using Transformative Innovation Policy.

Professor Johan Schot and Dr Matias Ramirez emphasise the need for system change to confront the current medical emergency as the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) joins forces with a number of universities and institutions that constitute the new TIPC Latin American Hub to put forward a strategy for implementing the Misión de Sabios’ recommendations.

COVID-19 has had a deep impact on the world. An important question is whether lessons are learned and if this crisis will be used to transform the economy and society into more resilient and sustainable directions (see this interview with Professor Schot on implications of COVID-19 on the so-called Second Deep Transition, a sustainability revolution), or if we continue on the previous unsustainable, unequal and uneven trajectory of development. Professor Johan Schot and Dr Matias Ramírez call for a new transformative innovation policy that could contribute to such a transformation because it focuses on wider system change, which not only encompasses the healthcare system but also other systems in areas such as mobility, food, energy, water, education and communication.

Read full article here: https://www.johanschot.com/news/confronting-covid-19-meeting-sustainable-development-goals-proposal-implementing-mision-de-sabios-report-colombia-using-transformative-innovation-policy/

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